Modern solutions for modern Internet

Only latest technology

We prefer solutions that are appropriate to modern times. Within last few years multiple awesome solutions have been created and a lot of horrible bugs have been fixed. We keep you updated and safe.

Careful planning & Smooth process

Professional project planning

Your project will be professionaly quoted, timelined and presented before signing agreement. You will be assigned a Project Manager, who will maintain teams dedicated to your project and will keep you updatred about the progress.

Lowest possible prices

Cheaper than other agencies

Our quotations are always lower than quotations of other similar agencies. This is mainly because of our technology stack and company assets, which allow us to provide you with many services out of the box, decreasing required worktime.

Speed & Stability

Fast service for large traffic

We use solutions that were developed for huge traffic (eg. HHVM for PHP, PyPy for Python, NGINX as webserver). We tune up each application for pagespeed and tune our code for stability.

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