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PrintSeller is fully custom E-Commerce platform for printing houses.

It is made in PHP under heavily customized OctoberCMS.

It consists of two main parts:

  • Keios PaymentGateway module, responsible for cart management, payments and deliveries
  • Keios PrintSeller module, responsible for printing house offer creation and shop frontend


  • Complete Printing House offer editor
  • Prices per item or per area
  • Custom quotes for non-standard orders
  • Chat integration for interactions with customer
  • Order creation with file upload (integrated with FTP, S3 or Dropbox)
  • Easy frontend customisation
  • Order manager with states, shipping and tax settings
  • Online payment system integrated with PayPal, Credit Cards, PayU and more
  • Easy to manage portfolio module
  • Integrated blog system
  • English and Polish versions available, whole system easily translatable.

... and more!

Check the website and demo to order this software!

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