We wrote about PaymentGateway on our blog!

PaymentGateway is an advanced, secure and very flexible e-commerce system

It is responsible for full order processing in any type of e-commerce and easily integrates with other e-commerce systems written in Laravel.

Works as plugin for OctoberCMS, can be easily converted to work with any Laravel project.

It allows us to build any type of e-commerce, starting with standard online shops, trough mobile recharge systems, online printing houses, hostel systems or any other type of business using Orders and Payments.


  • Cart engine / ability to integrate with any other cart engine
  • Full order processing with multiple states
  • Full payment processing with multiple states
  • Quote stage support for non-standard orders
  • Orders history
  • Shippings support and management
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Support for PayPal, Stripe, Authorize, PayU and more
  • Fully compatible with OctoberCMS
  • Easily customisable messages and frontend screens
  • Easily translatable
  • Easily extendable
  • Precise money calculation with MoneyRight library - great for VoIP.

and more!

If you are planning to setup an e-commerce system with Laravel or you need a solution for your non-typical idea of business, our PaymentGateway will help you with that.

Soon on OctoberCMS Market! 

Please Contact us if you want to order project including this module.

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