title: Keios Tower | type: Portals | summary: Monitoring and Orchestration GUI

Keios Tower is our internal GUI for server management with ansible

It providers full gui for Ansible. It reads hosts from Ansible inventory and allows to play scenarios on servers or groups with two clicks.

Written in Python3 with Flask framework.

It checks server statuses with Nagios or Zabbix. Lately we switched from Nagios to Zabbix integrated with Slack, but using some special tools that we developed for this occasion, it provides us with proper database of server statuses, in similar way that Logstash does.

It's not in Ruby though :)


  • Logging servers statuses using vpn tunnel with ssh and nagios or zabbix.
  • Complete orchestration GUI for Ansible
  • Alerts system
  • Easily integratable with Slack
  • Detailed Statistics
  • Clean, fully responsive design

We are currently refactoring this software, stay tuned, we will make it OpenSource soon enough.