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Common Questions

You can use our Contact page, or one of our social networks - you can find links at the top and at the bottom of the website.
We create both standard webpages (corporate, blog, personal) and advanced web applications (e-commerce, hostel systems, telecom portals). We also offer support services, PBX deployments and system administration. As long as your project has anything to do with the Internet, you should contact us to check how can we help.
You can check here or here for some hints about typical website cost, although we charge less and much depends on your exact requirements.
We have got a team of experienced Linux and Windows Server sysops, that can tune up your server (for web or voip performance), set up monitoring, backup solutions, deploy any application or proceed with security audit.
We use our own Keios PaymentGateway module for cart and payments support in our e-commerce products and we write front end of every shop from scratch. This makes our products fully secure and a lot faster than other solutions. Thanks to our high-precision money counting library it can be used in VoIP or bitcoin-oriented business, it also allows us to create a non-standard e-commerce solutions (like mobile recharge or printing house e-commerce) without hassle.
We know a lot of soft switches, although we prefer FreeSwitch clusters for wholesale traffic and Asterisk for PBX. We have huge experience with dealing with VoipSwitch, we have custom modules for it and experienced VoipSwitch ex-supporters on board.
Yes. Basically it depends on your project size - in case of very large, custom applications we will create you a CMS based on Symfony (PHP) or Django (Python). In most cases though, we will use OctoberCMS. We find it nice and flexible, we are active in its development and we can create a really advanced applications with it.
Just change the window size and see ;) We build frontends of our websites on Bootstrap or Foundation frameworks, making sure that they look good on all mobile resolutions.
Of course. We use MyHours service in such cases and charge a fee per hour that depends on the task. After first task you will get access to special website for monitoring current costs of our service, and at the end of the month you will get invoice and full report.

Customer Questions

The easiest way is to contact assigned project manager or check the staging link (http://.keios.eu/), which we update after finishing milestones. If you ordered a big, several-month long project, you should be also given access to Online Office, where we send updates about the progress of specific stages of the project.
1. If the project is closed, we disable staging link after 1 month.
2. Please wait 15-20 minutes. We may be uploading update, during which some error may show up on staging link.
3. If situation persists, check your e-mail - if you see no message about this situation, write us or contact your project manager.
First of all, we need to ask you to trust us about design, we know our job well. We also need to ask you to be patient. During development a lot of things will change and as soon as we find your project or its important part finished, we will contact you for the list of things that you want discuss.
If your project plan or our agreement includes support plan - simply write your project manager. Otherwise, please contact us to discuss details
In most cases it will be on docs.keios.eu - you should get access from your project manager. In some cases, depending on the agreement, you might have got the documenation either on your e-mail in PDF format, or as a custom website. Check our correspondence for details or ask your manager to remind you your link.
We are sorry about that. We use test-driven development to make sure that our software is bug-free, but if you still found an issue, please report it immediately using contact page - we will explain and resolve it as soon as possible.
Most probable reason is your account state at clickatell. Please check your correspondence with them and recharge your account as required.

Business-related Questions

Keios Solutions is a company, registered in Opole, Poland - part of C-Call.eu S.C. partnership.
Keios Solutions
ul. Cygana 3
45-131 Opole, Poland
VAT EU 7543024540 / REGON 161537040

C-Call.eu S.C.
ul. Nowowiejska 22/55
25-532 Kielce, Poland
VAT EU 9591952865 / REGON 260704700
After discussing your requirements, we sign agreement and proceed according to timetable.
We usually take 20% of the payment upfront, after signing agreement and 80% after finishing the project.
We send VAT invoice after finishing the project.
All further details shall be included in Project Plan and/or Agreement.

Payments-related Questions

We accept bank transfers, Western Union and PayPal
Bank and Western Union details can be found on the invoice. Our only proper PayPal account is payment@c-call.eu.
Please check if invoice was sent from:
- sales@c-call.eu
- info@keios.eu
If e-mail is different - do not pay and contact your project manager asap.
Each invoice that we send is always proceeded by e-mail with payment details and 3 days after that e-mail our system generates and sends invoice. There is no way to get unexpected invoice with this system and it seems that someone tries to cheat on you.

No answer? No worries!

If you are our customer, please remember that your assigned manager will be happy to answer all your questions. You can also always use'}} our contact page.