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E-Commerce, VoIP, System Administration and Custom Platforms

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About us Keios Solutions

We provide professional and integrated services for both business and individuals.

E-Commerce, Corporate Websites, VoIP deployments, Custom Applications, Blogs, System Administration - whatever you need, you can count on us!

Experience and knowledge are what matter.

We started as a telecom company, running VoIP routes and providing PBX solutions for customers. At one time, we decided to write our own SoftSwitch Software. We gathered resources and shortly found out that web development is what we want to do.

Today, we offer you smooth development of any type of web application or website. We create custom e-commerce solutions, hostel platforms, voip integrations and websites.

We are active in Open Source community.


We offer rapid development of professional, modern and responsive websites, profiles and blogs.


We own custom e-commerce platform, dedicated to non-standard ideas for business.

VoIP Deployments

We can setup PBX, Wholesale or Retail switch for your company and integrate it with your website.

Custom Apps

Our Java, PHP and Python developers can surely help you with your custom application, just contact us!

Additional Features


Dedicated, VPS or Docker space.


Pagespeed efficiency tuning.


KeiosMonitoring service for each app.


Regular DB and files backup.

How do we work

Typical process of development


Project Planning. Analysis, quotation and project plan.


Work Start. Agreement, team and tasks preparations.


Development. Programmers and designers work on their tasks.


Tests & Tuning. Full recheck of all features and performance tuning.

There is more about web development here!

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