We want Internet to be fast, modern and responsive.

We have started our endevour with IT/Telecom with VoIP. After providing engineers to setup other vendors software, we have decided to create our own, based on Asterisk, with fully custom control panel. It later became known as VD Sovereign.

We used it to provide companies with their PBX, at the same time developing web applications in LaravelPHP and AngularJS for VoIP bussinesses.

It did not take long until we have started cooperation with Printing Houses and we received orders to create a non-telecom applications.

Right now, with our own PaymentGateway system for non-standard e-commerce platforms, multitude of custom plugins for OctoberCMS and professional designers and programmers, we enjoy every type of project


We arrive in IT/Telecom business, working with a Soft Switch provider, providing mainly administration services.


We develop first softswitch web portals for Asterisk & FreeSwitch and start a web development company.


We set our primary focus to web development, while stil providing administration services for VoIP providers.


We finish core of our e-commerce framework, voip portals stack and Booking System


We start important an cooperation with a movie studio and british wedevelopment agency


A lot is going on!
Check details on our blog!


Thought-out solutions

We plan every project, even blogs and small websites. We do not accept technological debt. If we use any third-party solution, you can be sure that we have carefully read its code before. We have created a lot of plugins and modules dedicated to e-commerce and telecom, we are also active OctoberCMS developers.

Open Source friends

We love Open Source, we are active in development of several projects (you can check our GitHub and GitLab) and we really enjoy it! Right now, most of the Internet you can see is based on Open Source solutions, and our developers are among many many others that support it.


From small websites to big applications.

Every business needs its website. Every passion should have its space in the Internet. Keios Solutions is here to help you with that.

Modern websites are in fact complex applications nowadays and we have all of the resources to create them.

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