OctoberCMS updates

Most of our websites and lots of our portals are powered by OctoberCMS and we have some updates for all other October fans.

Software Recommendation: cmder

We are not huge fans of Windows operating system, but sometimes we need to use it. Sometimes it's required for .NET applications. Today we'll share some tips to make Windows command line a lot better.

Software Recommendation: DebOps

Ansible is a great tool with great possibilities. If you are using Debian and Ansible, you will surely love this repository!

Keios Bash ServerCMD

System administration is a great job and we love it. This simple script makes the nodes full authorized and accessible with easy bash commands.

3 useful custom shortcuts for Sublime

SublimeText editor can be easily customized and extended. Today we present you with 3 useful shortcuts for this editor.

Locales with countries json

Countries and languages ISO code json - useful when globalising your website.

Vuurmuur Remote IP Update

Vuurmuur, aside its ncurses GUI has an command-line access, which can server as iptables API.

October GeoLocaleSwitcher (beta)

We wanted to be able to set websites locale basing on real location, not only browser language. Check how we did it!

Vuurmuur Config with OpenVPN

Linux firewalls are great and there are many tools that allow to easily manage them. Our favorite iptables gui is Vuurmuur.

Services Status

Servers under our management are scripted with various useful tools. One of them is our Services Status script.