PaymentGateway sneak peak

PHP e-commerce framework for universal purposes. Safe, fast and highly customizable.

PrintSeller sneak peek

Printing e-commerce sofftware platform - find out how does it work and what does it offer.

Keios Solutions @ OctoberCMS blog

OctoberCMS authors are writing about us!

Software Recommendation: HotShots

Keios Solutions recommends - software for making screenshots!

HTML E-mails from Zabbix

Learn how to style your Zabbix notifications with HTML and CSS.

Mabdelbrot Test

How fast various languages are? Find out what were the results of several programming languages in Mabdelbrot Test.

Optimize your website and webserver

We all love fast Internet. Bandwith speeds are increasing, but many websites are still oversized and slow.

Software Recommendation: optipng / jpegoptim

Optimizing images is one of the important aspects of website's SEO tuning. Find out what tools we use for that in Keios Solutions.

KeiosWeb GitHub

We run multiple OpenSource projects. Mostly PHP libraries, but not only!

Keios .zshrc and .bashrc

By default most linux distributions provide Bash as its default shell. Changing it to fish or zsh can increase efficiency quite much.