How do we deliver

Cloud delivery platform for October web applications. How does it work, what does it offer, where to find it.

Keios OctoberMarket preview!

Private OctoberCMS plugins sharing - before the Pond arrives, we got it covered.

Updates at Keios

Migration to BitBucket, new plugins, new quality!

Queue Jobs for long operations in OctoberCMS

How are we running long tasks in background with PHP and Supervisor.

VoipSwitch Agent Portal customisation

Agent e-commerce for VoIP SoftSwitch, integrated with PaymentGateway.

New OpenSource plugin for October

Keios Solutions loves Open Source! We release many of our plugins under MIT license, today we bring some new ones.

PaymentGateway sneak peak

PHP e-commerce framework for universal purposes. Safe, fast and highly customizable.

PrintSeller sneak peek

Printing e-commerce sofftware platform - find out how does it work and what does it offer.

Optimize your website and webserver

We all love fast Internet. Bandwith speeds are increasing, but many websites are still oversized and slow.

KeiosWeb GitHub

We run multiple OpenSource projects. Mostly PHP libraries, but not only!