How do we deliver

Cloud delivery platform for October web applications. How does it work, what does it offer, where to find it.

Keios OctoberMarket preview!

Private OctoberCMS plugins sharing - before the Pond arrives, we got it covered.

Simple monitoring tool for October

We have very strict specification on website monitoring. So we wrote our own platform for that task.

Updates at Keios

Migration to BitBucket, new plugins, new quality!

Software Recommendation: HotShots

Keios Solutions recommends - software for making screenshots!

Software Recommendation: optipng / jpegoptim

Optimizing images is one of the important aspects of website's SEO tuning. Find out what tools we use for that in Keios Solutions.

Keios .zshrc and .bashrc

By default most linux distributions provide Bash as its default shell. Changing it to fish or zsh can increase efficiency quite much.

Software Recommendation: cmder

We are not huge fans of Windows operating system, but sometimes we need to use it. Sometimes it's required for .NET applications. Today we'll share some tips to make Windows command line a lot better.

Software Recommendation: DebOps

Ansible is a great tool with great possibilities. If you are using Debian and Ansible, you will surely love this repository!

Keios Bash ServerCMD

System administration is a great job and we love it. This simple script makes the nodes full authorized and accessible with easy bash commands.